S.B.I. One Stop Shop for Gun Sales and Firearms Training

So you want to buy a gun in New York City. S.B.I.'s Gun Shop in the heart of Brooklyn is the most convenient gun shop in NYC. 

We offer a wide range of handguns of all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you are law enforcement, an armed guard or into target shooting, self-defense, shooting competitions, or hunting, we have the gun for you. 

Before you make the decision to buy a gun, consider exactly what your reason is. Come into our gun shop and let’s talk it through. With our expertise in all areas of weaponry, we will help you to decide between handguns, rifles and shotguns. 

Let S.B.I.'s Gun Shop offer you direction. You can trust our advice and quality service. It is our job to provide you with an easy, safe and friendly gun buying experience. 

Our Weapons Specialists can match you with your weapon of choice. 

We offer a great selection of firearms, ammunitions and accessories, which is expanding every day. 

No matter what your gun accessory needs, we either have it or can get it...fast. 

If you want to sell or trade your quality licensed guns, please see us first for the best deal in cash or trade. 

You must make an appointment to visit our gun shop.

We help you to get your gun license.
We sell you the gun.
We train you to become an armed guard or give you NRA training on how to use the firearm.
We give you a list of all NYS Armed Truck companies and Armed Guard Agencies.

We have a great selection of all shooting supplies.

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