SECURITY: Armed & Unarmed

-Uniformed Unarmed/Armed Security Officers
-Hotel, Healthcare, Entertainment, Commercial & Residential
-Plainclothes/ Undercover Personnel
-Certified Fireguards
-Special Event Staff/Crowd Control
-Loss Prevention Services
-Risk/Vulnerability Assessment
-Contingency Plans
-Executive Protection

INVESTIGATION: National & International

-Corporate Theft and Fraud
-Legal Services
-Tracing & Missing Persons
-Background Screening
-International Expertise: 
      Middle East
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TRAINING: Armed & Unarmed

Mandatory Unarmed Security:
8 Hour Pre-Assignment
16 On-the-Job Training
8 Hour Annual In-Service
Mandatory Armed Security:
47 Hour Training
8 Hour Annual Armed

Superior Bureau of Investigation 
also offers other Training
such as:

Bail Enforcement Training:
25 Hour
Homeland Security Training:
40 Hour
Loss Prevention Training:
8 Hour Basic
40 Hour Advanced
Fireguard Training:
4 Hour
Private Investigation Training:
6 Months

NRA Training

Mr. Jeff Gutic was named S.B.I. Executive Protection Specialist of the Year of 2010
Superior Bureau of Investigation, Inc.